What is an Exclusive balloon flight ?

Most UK balloon rides companies have to fly thousands of passengers each season to remain viable which means flying larger and larger craft with 16-20 passengers on each flight. The largest passenger balloon in Europe now carries 32 passengers. If a balloon flight is cancelled due to poor conditions it can be several months before you will be able to secure another flight date with thousands competing for the same places.

Champagne Flights are turning the clock back by offering bespoke flights to our customers with balloons typically flying just 2 - 4 passengers, a truly exclusive flight for you and your partner or a group of family or friends. This is how all balloon flights used to be.

We offer a very personal service to answer all of your questions and help guide you through the booking process if required. When you have booked your flight date we will contact you personally the day before the flight to give a weather update and again on the day of your flight to confirm all the details.

You will never be treated as just another group of passengers, we fully engage with all of our customers, ballooning is colourful and exciting and we will make it friendly and above all fun.

Service level provided for flights
Champagne Flights
Typical Operators
Speak to pilot prior to booking
One to one help with booking on phone if required
Only book flight date to suit operators prearranged schedule
Book flight date to suit customer not operator
Long wait to rearrange date due to unsuitable weather
Flexible flight dates and short notice flight dates available within season
Weather update by phone / text the day before your flight
Personal contact, pilot to passenger, on the day of your flight
Pilot always available by email or phone to passengers
Flight shared with other passengers outside your booking
One to one passenger greeting and flight safety briefing
Chilled Champagne/juice served by the glass in flight
Relaxed pre and post flight talk, questions answered by pilot if required

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email : enquiries@champagne-flights.co.uk