Arriving at the launch site

Arrival times vary throughout the year with the changing seasons and also due to weather conditions on the day of your flight. Typical meet up times in summer are 06.00 hrs for morning and 18.00 hrs for evening flights.



Preparing the balloon

We find most of our passengers are keen to help with the inflation of the balloon. This is part of your ballooning experience, and we encourage supervised hands-on participation. Once the balloon is attached to the basket the inflation fan is started and the fabric begins to rise as the balloon takes shape. After a few minutes the cold inflation is complete, the burners are lit and the balloon inflated, with everyone on board and safety checks completed, we're ready to go !


Pre-flight briefing

Prior to your flight your pilot will give you a pre-flight safety briefing, and answer any questions you may have regarding your flight. This is also a good time to ensure that you have the items with you that you wish to take on the flight, camera for example.



In flight

We find most of our passengers are surprised at how stable the balloon is as we climb gently away from the launch site, and any nervousness disappears as they take in the 360 degree panorama. Direction and speed of travel is entirely wind dependant as the balloon tracks slowly down wind over our beautiful countryside, and your pilot will point out landmarks near and far. In keeping with tradition you will be offered a glass of chilled champagne to celebrate your flight, and if you wish your pilot will be happy to take photographs of you at this point in the flight.


When its time to return to earth your pilot will talk you through the landing procedure and will make sure you are in the correct landing position. The aim is always to land as gently as possible which is why low wind speeds are crucial to safe ballooning. When the balloon is safely down on the ground your pilot will be in radio contact with the retrieve driver who will be looking at the access to the landing site and making contact with the land owner.

Return to launch site

After we have packed the balloon away on the trailer we will drive you back to the launch site. We allow about 3 hours from your arrival at the launch site to returning you to your parked car after the flight.



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