When is the best time of year to fly ?
Our main season is between April and October. Weekend summer evenings are the most popular, but spring and autumn can produce some of the best flying conditions, with changing colours and flights of greater distances. We keep a winter standby list for passengers who would like to fly out of the main season, should good air and ground conditions prevail.
What time of day do we fly ?
Balloon flights are made either early morning or evening when the winds are at their calmest. The time varies throughout the season as with the daylight hours. Typically from May - August we start at 6:30 in the morning and 6:30 in the evening. During the winter we can usually fly any time of the day.
What should I wear ?
Ladies, please do not wear high heels. Walking boots, shoes, or wellingtons are advisable as the field can often be very damp early morning and evening. Trainers are fine when the ground is dry. Have your shoulders covered and bring a hat because the burner creates quite a lot of radiant heat, you may not need it, but it is better to be prepared. It is just as warm in the sky as on the ground - wear the same clothes that you would wear to go out for a walk, on the same day.
What about your friends who want to watch the launch ?
They are most welcome to watch the inflation and then follow the Landover and trailer to the point of landing, only one vehicle per passenger please. If you have many friends, we would suggest they stay behind or visit the nearest pub ! Congestion is easily caused on the road with a long queue of vehicles following the balloon. Please note, we do not have space for friends in the retrieve vehicles and champagne is only provided for the passengers.
Where can we fly ?
Champagne Flights are based in Bucks and therefore our 'home' flying area is over Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire.
Where will we land ?
Balloons fly with the wind, so we only know the approximate direction, not the exact landing point.
How long does it take ?
The flight lasts for about an hour or so but please allow three to four hours in total. Ballooning takes place in light wind conditions and good visibility with no rain. Flights take place early in the morning and early evening) when winds are light and the weather stable. Launch times vary with the time of sunset and sunrise.
How high do we fly ?
Mostly not above 3,500 ft. Normally our cruising height is around 1,000 ft, but this will vary according to conditions at the time of your flight.
How safe is Ballooning ?
The answer is very safe. Hot air Ballooning has the best safety record of any form of flying. We only fly when conditions are safe, our pilots are highly qualified and all are commercially licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority.
Am I insured ?
The balloon and passengers are insured to the maximum of five million pounds for any one claim.
How many people go in the basket ?
With some companies offering balloon flights you may be flying in a balloon that takes up to 16 passengers. This is not how we operate. We provide balloon flights for groups of either 2, 3 or 4 people maximum. This give us the opportunity to provide a more personal and exclusive flight and look after and entertain all on board to the best of our ability, giving our passengers a memorable, quality experience.
Can I bring a camera ?
Yes please bring your camera, but we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the flight or landing.
Can anybody fly in a balloon ?
Children 6 years or over. Passengers must be fit and well, able to stand for one hour (leaning on the basket) and should be able to bend their knees a little for the landing.
How do I book ?
You can go to the Pricing & Purchase page and select a flight from one of the packages, which includes options for flight locations, weekends etc.

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